In logistics, the warehousing process is key, so we receive the goods, store them, and make them available to the customer on demand.

Receipt of products:

The condition of incoming products is checked and recorded, as well as the quantity and quality according to the customer’s requirements.


Consists of storing the loads.

Conservation and maintenance:

The products will be kept in perfect condition during storage in compliance with safety, health, and other requirements.

Inventory management:

A record of merchandise is kept, ensuring customers are kept informed.


Once the order is placed, it is packed and shipped according to its characteristics and destination.

Bonded Warehouse:

• A bonded warehouse is a facility authorized by a country’s customs authorities for the storage of imported goods that have not yet been cleared for domestic consumption or export.


• Goods stored in a bonded warehouse are not subject to duties or taxes until they are removed for sale in the local market or export.


• Bonded warehouses offer companies an option to store goods without incurring immediate tax costs, which can be useful for inventory management, supply chain optimization or re-exporting goods.

Bonded Warehouse

General warehouse:


A general warehouse is a space or facility intended for the temporary or permanent storage of merchandise, products, or goods.


Unlike a bonded warehouse, a general warehouse does not necessarily have the special customs status that allows the storage of imported goods without the immediate payment of taxes or duties.


We provide an integrated, strategic, and technologically advanced management of the storage and control of your cargo, with the objective of improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and offering added value along the entire supply chain.

Bonded Warehouse And General Warehouse