Courier service, express cargo, and general cargo. We offer air service to and from anywhere in the world.


We handle all commodities, from general cargo or dry goods, to refrigerated, dangerous goods, or oversized.


General cargo is the most common because it does not require temperature control and its dimensions are standard.


Dangerous goods cargo refers to products considered hazardous due to their characteristics, such as toxic or flammable substances, polluting gases, radioactive or poisonous substances, or explosive products, among others.

International Land Transportation

Perishable goods cargo refers to products that require specific control of a constant temperature for their preservation, such as food, flowers, medicines, among others.


Oversized cargo is that which exceeds the weight and dimensions of the permitted capacity of standard equipment, and therefore requires special transportation.


Since we have a branch office in the United States, the benefits from this origin are the consolidation and a 100% personalized treatment: e-mail notifications, software, warehouse, and cargo photographs, among others.


We offer daily air departures to ensure the immediacy that your company needs.


We offer this service for import and export to and from any part of the world. We have agents in every continent for the connections your company needs.


We specialize in consolidated cargo, full container, and project cargo!

Advantages of air transport:


One of the main advantages of air transport is its speed. Airplanes can transport goods or people from one continent to another in a matter of hours or days, compared to other transportation methods that could take weeks or months.


Airplanes can reach remote or difficult-to-access locations. This is especially useful for regions that do not have a developed land infrastructure.


Air transportation is generally considered to be one of the safest means of shipping goods and transporting people. Strict regulations, security controls and maintenance standards contribute to this safety.


Although fast, air transport is generally more expensive compared to other modes of transport such as sea or land, especially when large volumes of goods are involved.


International air transportation is subject to international regulations, such as those established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Transport Security Administration (TSA). These regulations address aspects such as security, air traffic management, airport operations and more.


Like other methods of international transportation, air transport requires accurate documentation. This includes declaration of goods, commercial invoices, certificates of origin and other documents necessary for customs clearance and regulatory compliance.