Another way to transport your cargo is by land, since, depending on the location of the cargo, it may be the best option.


We provide service mainly in Central America. In addition, we offer Pick Up or In Land when picking up your cargo from any origin in the world.


For the security of the goods, we provide the electronic mark, custody service and surveillance in case it is necessary.


In Costa Rica we offer bonded service and deliver throughout the national territory.

International Land Transportation

Types of land transport

Tarpaulin truck:

The truck is covered on the sides and top with tarpaulins, which can be removed. For these cases, loading and unloading can be adapted to a large number of materials.

Open platform:

The platform on which the cargo is loaded is open. It is usually used for heavy goods.


They are used for goods that must be refrigerated. The most transported goods in this type of trucks are food products.


Tanks are used for the transport of chemical, liquid and gaseous products, a material that requires a higher level of safety.


They have a rigid structure and can only be loaded from the rear.


Multimodal transport that facilitates loading and unloading from ships.

Advantages of international land transportation:

Regional connectivity:

Land transport is essential to connect geographically close neighboring countries or regions. This makes it faster and cheaper.


Land transport offers flexibility in terms of door-to-door pickup and delivery. Trucks and trains can access remote areas or regions where other modes of transport, such as maritime or air, might be less practical or costly.


For short to medium distances, land transport can be more economical than air transport. In addition, it allows cargo consolidation and route optimization to reduce costs.

Regulations and customs:

Like other methods of international transport, land transport is subject to specific customs regulations and standards in each country. This includes proper documentation, payment of duties and taxes, and compliance with safety and environmental standards.


In many cases, land transport is combined with other modes of transport, such as maritime or air transport, in what is known as intermodal or multimodal transport. This makes it possible to optimize routes, reduce costs and improve logistical efficiency.